General Metal Fabrication and Repairs

Hervey Bay Trailers are well known for their custom metal fabrication and repair services for a range of different products. Beyond custom trailer manufacturing, we lend our professional welding skills to other metal products requiring expert precision. Our small team of skilled boilermakers have extensive experience in the welding of objects large and small, and beyond their technical proficiency, have a keen eye for detail, ensuring every metal product we fabricate is of commercial quality, no matter its purpose.

Our designs, while hand-crafted, have the quality control you’d expect from a commercially produced item. We’ve built all kinds of one-of-a-kind items for domestic and commercial customers alike, including:

  • Barbeques
  • Gates and Gate Frames
  • Toolboxes

We can work off drawings, pictures, technical specifications, and even make from-scratch designs from your ideas.

Aluminium Welding:

We’re among the few local fabricators with the capacity to do regular aluminium welding. Be it toolboxes or aluminium tank repair, aluminium is a fantastic material for those looking for a lightweight solution. Please be aware that we don’t do canopy manufacturing.

Construction Welding:

Needing something custom-made for one of your clients? We can work with designs you’ve already mocked up, or manufacture products to custom measurements. We regularly manufacture things like house stumps, handrails, gate frames, gates and veranda posts for local construction companies looking for a quality custom solution designed to stand the test of time.

Repair and Reinforcement:

We do complete repairs and restorations on metal items, replacing rusted and dented sheets with high quality metal of similar fit and finish to make the repair look as seamless as possible. We also perform structural reinforcement on flimsy items requiring a bit of rigidity, e.g. vehicle chassis.

Hervey Bay Trailers

Get in touch to request more information about Hervey Bay Trailers or to organise a quote for and of our metal fabrication services. Call (07) 4128 4031.