Custom Trailers and Special Purpose Trailers

Hervey Bay Trailers have been in the business of providing quality trailer solutions that can’t be compared with regular off-the-shelf products for over 20 years. We’re staffed with a small team of competent boilermakers that are dedicated to quality, bespoke trailer solutions.

We build trailers for those looking for a quality solution that can stand the brunt of regular day-to-day and specialist usage. Our special usage, custom-made trailers fill in the gap that off the shelf products leave. Whether it’s working from a drawing, a picture you have, measurements, or even a from-scratch design, we ask you key questions about your trailer’s usage to build a truly personalised design that fits you perfectly.

Our small team of expert boilermakers have an eye for detail when manufacturing your trailer, and won’t roll out your trailer until it’s in a state they’d be comfortable with using themselves. Wait time does vary, but for those on a tight schedule, we can see about accelerating its place on the production line depending on our workload. Once built, we’ll sort through the paperwork and get your trailer registered and ready to go. Get in touch with us to organise a quote on your dream trailer today!

Will My Trailer Require Brakes?

Per Queensland law, trailers with an ATM (aggregate trailer mass; the weight of the trailer + its full rated load) of over 750kg require mechanical override brakes, and trailers with an ATM of two tonnes or more require power actuated brakes.

Special Purpose Trailers and Trailer Modifications

Whether you’re after a trailer fitted with a hydraulic tipper, or a trailer to house your fridge equipment, we’ve got experience building trailers to suit a range of different purposes. We’re specialist boiler-makers with extensive experience in manufacturing custom-made items to client specifications.

All our trailers come with a 12-month warranty, and can come equipped with:

  • Charcoal, silver, blue hammertone paint or Pre-galvanised sheet
  • White, Black or Galvanised wheels
  • Ladder / Timber Racks
  • Drawers
  • Shelves
  • Doors

Customisable Trade Top Trailers

One of our most requested custom trailers are our personalised builder trailers. Using our background in engineering, we produce high quality trade top trailers that stand the test of time. We put ourselves in the shoes of tradies when building our personalised, custom builder trailers. Our builder trailers come with many standard features designed to make life easier for regular day-to-day usage, including:

  • Water and Dust Proofing
  • Rubber Seals
  • Lockable Flush Locks
  • Gas Struts

Your trailer can be designed to fit any specific tools you may have. We’ll listen to your needs and ask questions you might not have even thought about. For example, would it be better for your work if the compressor was at the back, or the front of your trailer? We care about the finer details and we make sure to understand how you intend to use your trailer so we can make you a trailer that suits you perfectly.

Customised Trailers

Get in touch to request more information about Hervey Bay Trailers or to organise a quote for your very own custom-made trailer. Call (07) 4128 4031.