High Quality Boat Trailers: Buy, Repair, Service and Modify

Hervey Bay Trailers provide a range of different products and services relating to boat trailers; in addition repairs, servicing and modifications for boat trailers.

We’ll run by the specifications of your boat to ensure that you get the correct model, eliminating the headaches of unloading at a boat ramp with a trailer not designed for your boat. An accurate time frame of when your trailer is due to arrive will be given to you upon ordering.

If you have any further questions about our boat trailers, get in touch with our team of experts today on (07) 4128 4031.

What’s different about a boat trailer?

The difference with boat trailers, and the reason we don’t manufacture trailers for small boats, is the fact that they need to be galvanised to better protect them from salt water exposure. Galvanising is a process that requires specialist facilities, and as such, becomes cost-prohibitive when we have to outsource to Brisbane. For that reason, we only make custom-built trailers for boats with unique requirements that an off-the-shelf product can’t provide, e.g. catamarans.

Servicing Boat Trailers

Due to their extensive water usage, boat trailers tend to cop a bit more wear and tear to their structural components than most other trailers. We often find that the rear third of most older boat trailers tend to be quite worn out with rust compared to the rest of the frame, owing to backing down boat ramps. In addition, we also perform trailer servicing, which includes brake, suspension and bearing checks and replacement. These can be performed without the removal of your boat.

If you think your boat trailer is starting to show its age, give us a call to have it inspected. We will require the removal of your boat from its frame for structural repairs, but that’s always a good excuse to go fishing for the day!

Hervey Bay Trailers

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